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I had been running wool sheep on a property in the Adelaide Hills for some years, and it came to the point of making a decision whether to seriously increase the infrastructure to assist with the management of these sheep or find something else.  I wanted to stay with sheep, but was concerned about the time and costs associated with wool sheep, and the increasing difficulty in finding shearers for crutching and shearing.  In early 2005 I heard about the Wiltipoll.  After doing some research I contacted Annie Hughes at Strathalbyn and arranged a visit.  The visit proved to be the start of Mentieth Wiltipolls.

 Within a very short time I had purchased a small flock of ewes, plus a ram and gradually quit the wool sheep.  My breeding flock has grown to now stand at 60 registered A1 and A breeding ewes.  All rams used are registered A1 or A sires.

In early 2009 I returned to Eyre Peninsula to live, and have established the flock in the hills adjacent to Tumby Bay on Lower Eyre Peninsula – in the heart of traditional wool country!  I am the first registered flock on Eyre Peninsula, and have started to promote the breed through articles in the local press, as well as radio interviews, and attendance at rural shows.  There are several commercial flocks in the area, and already I am supplying rams to breeders with wool sheep who are looking to improve their prime lamb returns.

What do I like about Wiltipolls?

To me the biggest attraction of Wiltipolls is that they are easy to manage.  You don’t spend money and time shearing and crutching or mulesing. There isn’t the problem with flies that you have with wool sheep.  Wiltipolls have a relatively easy temperament, and don’t crawl or jump out of paddocks, or go through fences.

I am a past member of the management committee of the Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc.  This has helped me to improve my knowledge, and also be involved in the promotion of the Wiltipoll and growth of the breed across Australia.  More and more traditional wool growers are turning to Wiltipolls as an alternative and the future is looking very bright for this Australian developed sheep.

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